April 2014



My. That Was a Nice Break

…And here we are again, after six months of toodling about, buying a new house and distractions of that sort. Let’s see where we are.  It’s been a quiet few months of portfolio management since we last met: I held the KKD and TG positions through 5/31.  By then, TG had lost 15.61% of value [...]

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The First Round April Equities Candidates!

The moment you’ve been waiting for!  What did I choose to plunge my cash into to watch it burn?  A couple of added guidelines first. In the future, I’ll make portfolio selections monthly in the first weekend/Monday of the month, and I’ll track for the entire month.  That’ll give me plan to goof off with [...]

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Starting Strategy

Tomorrow I’ll unleash my first set of investment selections in keeping with the Ground Rules.  To keep it simple at the outset, I’m going to take advantage of the following resources to get my money into the market. Robert Sheard of the Motley Fool published an interesting investing primer with a few portfolio strategies that [...]

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Wild Hog Portfolio

The Wild Hog Portfolio: Some Initial Guidelines

Let me lay out some ground rules just to get me into the game.  These ideas will be refined over time – That’s really the whole point of this blog. By Any Means Necessary: An investment is anything that costs money that can then be sold.  Stocks, bonds, commodity securities, options, real estate, fine art, [...]

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Hello, Wild World!

A quick welcome to The Wild Hog and a few details about what I have going on here. As our dear Bridget Jones said: Hello, Hello, and Hello! The Wild Hog is a blog about investing.  That would normally be enough to get 90% of the eyeballs off this page asap, so there’s a spin [...]

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